Le Dog

Le Dog Leather Care
Leather is not only durable and easy to maintain but also gets better with wear. The more your dog uses their Le Bed the more supple and broken in it will get. Accidents and scratches are inevitable but a quick wipe down will bring the leather back from regular use. The best part, no laundering is require. Yahoo!
Took keep your Le Bed and Le Dog accessories looking fab condition and clean with Le Dog Leather Balm monthly. 

To use Le Dog Leather Balm follow these easy steps:

  1. Wipe of any excess hair, sand or dirt with a dry cloth
  2. Wet sponge and rub on leather balm
  3. Apply directly to leather in a circular motion
  4. Buff away any excess with a dry cloth

That's it! Enjoy your newly conditioned and cleaned beautifully supple bed, collar, leash or poop bag holder.