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MADBARN- 3:1 Zinc Copper

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Our 3:1 Zinc Copper supplement provides two essential trace minerals in an ideal balance to help maintain healthy skin, coat, and hooves in horses. Supplying these minerals in a three to one ratio supports optimal absorption of from the gut. Horses with high iron intake, weak hoof structure, or metabolic problems might benefit from additional zinc and copper in the diet.


Mad Barn’s 3:1 Zinc Copper supplement provides the essential minerals Zinc (Zn) and Copper (Cu) in the correct three to one ratio to balance most equine diets. One scoop supplies the recommended 300 mg of zinc and 100 mg copper for a 500 kg horse.


Our 3:1 Zinc Copper powder is composed of Bioplex® Zinc and Copper. Bioplex® trace minerals are organic minerals in the form of proteinates meaning they are bound to amino acids. This makes them more readily absorbed and metabolized in the body compared to inorganic minerals.

Bioplex® Zinc proteinate and Copper proteinate are chelated minerals that have higher bioavailability compared to inorganic minerals, improved safety and improved utilization by the body.

Copper and zinc are required for the horse to make keratin, a protein that is found in hair and hooves. Horses with low levels of copper and zinc might have a coat that is frizzy, dull, or discolored. Zinc and copper supplied in a 3:1 ratio supports a shiny, healthy coat and healthy skin.

Optimal intake of these minerals helps support strong hooves and helps to prevent hoof wall cracks, thrush and/or white line issues. Copper and zinc proteinates have been shown to support a strong hoof structure and lower the incidence of hoof wall separation. [1][2]

Copper and zinc work together as co-factors for the antioxidant enzyme copper/zinc superoxide dismutase which is found in all cells of the body. Older horses and heavily exercised horses have a high need for antioxidant support from the diet and might benefit for copper and zinc supplementation.

Horses that are low in these essential minerals might be more prone to infections like mud fever or rain scald because of inadequate antioxidant status.

Horses with high levels of iron in the diet are likely to require supplemental zinc and copper to keep these three minerals in proper balance. Excess iron intake interferes with absorption of copper and zinc from feed sources. A ratio of 4:3:1 of iron to zinc to copper is ideal in the equine feeding program to enable optimal absorption and utilization of these minerals.

Excess iron intake can contribute to Cushing’s/PPID, insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome, laminitis, and liver damage. Adding copper and zinc to the diet may help counteract the negative effects of high iron and support metabolic health and liver function.

Mad Barn’s AminoTrace+ is a complete vitamin and mineral premix that has high levels of zinc and copper. A typical serving size provides 760mg zinc and 300mg copper. It was developed specifically for horses with metabolic concerns, laminitis, and/or high iron intake. Horses that are already on our AminoTrace+ do not typically need additional zinc and copper in their diet.

You should always consult a qualified nutritionist before altering your feed program.


Bioplex Zinc & Copper Supplement for Horses


 Directions for Use:

Consult with nutritionist or veterinarian prior to use. Provide daily. Administer with feed.

Body Weight Scoops Dose
<440 lb 0.5 scoops 3 g
440 – 1100 lb 1 scoop 6 g
1100 lb 1.5 scoops 9 g
1 scoop = 9 cc = 6 grams

No withdrawal period is required when used according to the label.


A scale should be used with all individual ingredients to ensure accurate dosing.

For Animal Use Only.

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