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Hydration is the key for the equine athlete to maintain top physical condition during sporting events and even more importantly when recovering from strenuous exercise. Performance XL is formulated to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat.


Hydration is key for the equine athlete to maintain top physical condition during events and even more importantly, recovering from strenuous exercise.

Mad Barn’s Performance XL: Electrolytes has been scientifically formulated to replace exactly what the horse loses through sweat during heat stress or strenuous exercise.

With an ideal blend of natural minerals and vitamins to support high performance and workout recovery, Performance XL: Electrolytes is used by top athletes at every level of equestrian competition.

As little as 1% dehydration in your horse can result in decreased brain and muscle function. If horses do not have adequate electrolyte levels, they limit water intake to maintain electrolyte balance, which may worsen dehydration.

You can effectively prevent dehydration and decreased performance by supplementing with Performance XL: Electrolytes. Don’t accept substitutes – go with the equine electrolyte that is based on science and proven to work!


Prolong Performance

Horses sweat a lot during exercise. Around 70% of the heat generated from exercise is lost via sweat evaporation. It is also common for a horse to sweat for several hours post workout. This contributes to substantial electrolyte loss, followed by fatigue and diminished performance.

Research shows that exercise duration can be greatly extended in horses with adequate electrolyte supplementation. Horses given a properly balanced electrolyte one hour prior to exercise have a 33% increase in time to fatigue due to improved hydration status and electrolyte balance.

Aid in Recovery

Drinking fluids with Performance XL: Electrolytes immediately after exercise not only provides necessary fluids, but  nutrients that promote exercise recovery.

Sodium in the equine sports drink promotes fluid retention and carbohydrates promote glycogen resynthesis.

In order to fully hydrate during short-term recovery, equine athletes should drink the equivalent of 150% of the volume of body weight lost through sweating.

Performance XL: Electrolytes is the most effective solution for rehydrating your equine athlete after exercise. Scientifically formulated to replace exactly what is lost in sweat and promote faster recovery.


  1. Sodium Chloride:
    • Sodium (salt) is a critical electrolyte that also helps maintain the physiological drive to drink, stimulating greater voluntary fluid intake
  2. Potassium, Calcium & Magnesium:
    • These minerals all function as electrolytes that are vital for proper muscle contraction, fluid balance and nerve function
    • Help control acid/base balance and transport nutrients in and out of cells
    • Magnesium prevents muscle cramping & “tying up” in horses
  3. Vitamin E & Vitamin C:
    • These vitamins are antioxidants that reduce oxidative tissue damage brought on by intense exercise
  4. Dextrose & Sucrose:
    • Energy sources that enhance fluid and electrolyte absorption in the proximal small intestine
    • Stimulates the rate and completeness of rehydration
    • Boost glycogen synthesis
  5. Citric Acid & Flavour:
    • Enhances palatability to stimulate intake and ease administration

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